Nov 12, 2016

This gorgeous family is so dear to my heart! When I moved back to the Salem area with my family this lovely lady was my first new friend! At the time, our oldest children were in the same first grade class together (see how big her oldest is now!?). Soon we were arranging to meet up and walk to/from school together with our kids as we chatted and got to know one another. The first time “B” invited us to her home for a playdate after school we ended up enjoying ourselves so much that we stayed for a spontaneous dinner of chocolate chip pancakes. The kids thought that was pretty great and I was warmed by her hospitality. We had many playdates after that and our families stayed in touch even after we moved from the neighborhood. As our children have grown and our lives have gotten busy we don’t often get to see one another these days. Spending an afternoon laughing and chatting andĀ snapping photos of this family was so much fun! I can’t wait to deliver finished photos so “B” and I can do a little more catching up!

Enjoy your sneak peek “R” family! You ROCKED it!