Oct 02, 2017

I am having so much fun with this year’s senior sessions! Although this session ALMOST didn’t happen. We had been watching the weather all week, hopeful it wouldn’t rain on Saturday. It was looking good, too, until an hour before our session time when it POURED, soaking everything! Since we were all ready and available dates for rescheduling were very limited, we decided to go for it! We fit the whole session in before the rain drops returned. In fact, we even had to battle the sun at times! That’s Oregon for ya!

This young man was really fun to work with. He humored me and all my crazy posing ideas and he even brought to life one of my envisioned shots. I was just waiting for the right client to make it a reality. I’m so thrilled with the outcome!

Your future is bright Louie! Have fun your senior year …….. the big stuff can wait a little longer.

Enjoy your sneak peek!