Dec 04, 2017

This lovely mother-2-be was my son’s 5th grade teacher and my daughter’s assistant softball coach. She has moved on to other opportunities now so it was a special treat that she asked me to photograph her maternity portraits! Our first session was rained out and our second shot at it was certainly not dry either! We had a bit of rain and things were WET! Typical Oregon winter. Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a mini-session. You can’t even tell how wet, and cold, and windy it was!

I bought this wool blanket at a vintage market not long ago and I couldn’t wait for an excuse to use it! When the idea of shooting at a Christmas tree farm was mentioned, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I love clients who let me run with my ideas!

Enjoy your sneak peek Lounette and Josh. I can’t wait to meet your babe!!!





Nov 19, 2017

Not long ago I shared a sneak peek of this 2018 Grad’s senior photos promising a part II once the beard was gone. Much to Mom’s satisfaction, it’s GONE! We met for a mini-session today to snap a few more photos. Football season has ended and wrestling season has begun so we took a few moments to document that as well. It was a short and sweet session but we snagged plenty of great shots!

Enjoy the sneak peek!




Oct 30, 2017

What GORGEOUS weather we had this week! I’m so glad I was able to get together with this sweet family to enjoy it!

When I first starting photographing this family in 2013 the kids were just itty bitty. Now look at them! And they were the best behaved and most cooperative kids EVER! I just enjoyed my time with them so much! I say it a lot … but I’m going to say it again. The best part of this gig is getting to see these families year after year! I hope I get to photograph the “G” family for many years to come!

Enjoy the sneak peek!



Oct 06, 2017

2018 is graduating some amazing kids! I’ve enjoyed spending time with each and every one of them! I love hearing about their lives, their interests, their ambitions. It’s such a BIG time of life!

You’ll probably remember this handsome grad’s older brother’s photos featured here on the blog not long ago. Second in line (of 5), Kevin was so much fun to photograph! I sure hope I’m able to crawl around in fields to capture senior photos for the remaining three brothers!

Just like last time we did this, mom and I laughed so hard our bellies ached and we indulged every “hey, stop the car, lets shoot there” that I had one sunny fall evening ……. good times!

Enjoy your sneak peek!




Oct 02, 2017

I am having so much fun with this year’s senior sessions! Although this session ALMOST didn’t happen. We had been watching the weather all week, hopeful it wouldn’t rain on Saturday. It was looking good, too, until an hour before our session time when it POURED, soaking everything! Since we were all ready and available dates for rescheduling were very limited, we decided to go for it! We fit the whole session in before the rain drops returned. In fact, we even had to battle the sun at times! That’s Oregon for ya!

This young man was really fun to work with. He humored me and all my crazy posing ideas and he even brought to life one of my envisioned shots. I was just waiting for the right client to make it a reality. I’m so thrilled with the outcome!

Your future is bright Louie! Have fun your senior year …….. the big stuff can wait a little longer.

Enjoy your sneak peek!





Sep 19, 2017

NEWSFLASH: I shot a wedding! Nope, I’m not a wedding photographer. I don’t DO weddings … but when one of the people you love most in the world begs you ….. how can you say no? What a lovely wedding it was too! Beautiful setting, beautiful decorations, beautiful bride and groom …..  and did someone say COFFEE BAR? This wedding was just so amazing and I’m glad I could help capture the day!

Congratulations Amanda and Joe. I’m just so happy for you both!

Enjoy your sneak peek …. and welcome to the family Joe!





Sep 11, 2017

I’ve known this HS senior for several years now and I’m just so shocked by how GIANT he is! How do these things happen? Practically overnight, that’s how! I had to bring a step ladder along with me just so that I could photograph him … and I’m not short folks!

When planning this session with mom she told me, “He’s about as country as it gets!” So we went with that! Fields, hay, truck, cowboy hat, barn … got it! Some kids get a few new outfits for their senior photos …. and some get new tires for their truck! LOL
Stay tuned for phase 2 of this senior’s photos. He may love the beard but mom can’t wait to see it go!

Enjoy the sneak peek y’all!




Sep 02, 2017

Bella, Bella, Bella ……… You, my dear, are STUNNING! You literally SHINE!

I was SUPER excited for this high school senior session! This beauty is one of my favorite high schoolers ever. She’s that kid you hope your kid grows up to be. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s kind. This girl took my little freshman under her wing and made sure that she had a ride out to the softball fields each and every day last spring. Not many upper class kids are looking out for the “freshies” like that. Bella does it naturally. I love this girl’s big heart!

I hope you love your sneak peek Bella! Enjoy your senior year and SHINE ON!




Nov 12, 2016

This gorgeous family is so dear to my heart! When I moved back to the Salem area with my family this lovely lady was my first new friend! At the time, our oldest children were in the same first grade class together (see how big her oldest is now!?). Soon we were arranging to meet up and walk to/from school together with our kids as we chatted and got to know one another. The first time “B” invited us to her home for a playdate after school we ended up enjoying ourselves so much that we stayed for a spontaneous dinner of chocolate chip pancakes. The kids thought that was pretty great and I was warmed by her hospitality. We had many playdates after that and our families stayed in touch even after we moved from the neighborhood. As our children have grown and our lives have gotten busy we don’t often get to see one another these days. Spending an afternoon laughing and chatting and snapping photos of this family was so much fun! I can’t wait to deliver finished photos so “B” and I can do a little more catching up!

Enjoy your sneak peek “R” family! You ROCKED it!





Oct 26, 2016

As the saying goes, time certainly DOES fly! I photographed each one of these adorable little kids as newborns! Now look at them!

“H” has been one of my most loyal supporters since the very beginning! It’s always such a treat when we are able to pull off another photo shoot. I really do enjoy watching my families grow – best part of the job!

Enjoy the sneak peek “R” family!