Oct 17, 2016


This little explorer is no stranger to hiking the trails! She has covered more ground this past summer than I have in my entire life! Needless to say, a photo session amongst the trees, trails, and waterfalls was perfect for “B’s” pictures this year. No stranger to this blog, you might recognize this adorable, fun-loving, and uber photogentic little one. I’ve been taking her portrait every year of her entire life! She’s a special little lady and we always have such fun together!

Enjoy the sneak peek!




Sep 14, 2016

I adore this beautiful young lady so very much! I’ve been friends with her family for several years and have had the pleasure of watching her grow from a cute little kid to an awkward tween (we’ve all been there) …. to the amazing young woman she is now! She’s one of the most humble, genuine, hard working, big-hearted teens I know! Senior year is such an exciting time of life. It’s that last year of just being a kid before you spread your wings and venture out into the world. There is no other time like it. Maybe that’s why I enjoy photographing high school seniors so much? I get to live in that moment with them for just a few hours!

Thank you for going “boho chic” in a field for me “E!” Your future is so bright!

Enjoy your sneak peek!





Aug 30, 2016

I was SOOOOOoooooo excited for this family photo session! When one of my favorite clients contacted me several weeks ago and told me she wanted to schedule a sun-hazed summer field session I was thrilled! Not only do I love shooting in fields, but I just knew mom would style the family attire perfectly!

We had a few setbacks due to 100 degree days and fields being mowed but we were able to pull off the shoot this past weekend and I’m just so happy with the results!

Thank you “N” family for, once again, being such fun to work with! Thank you “E” for being an amazing stylist and putting so much thought into your family’s look. You never cease to amaze me!

Enjoy your sneak peek!




Oct 20, 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this stylish Grad and his family! We spent some time capturing urban shots and then went for a good little hike to a favorite river spot! I love the mix of images and the fact that “M” had a good idea of the looks he wanted in his senior photos. It was fun chatting and collaborating with him! As a bonus, I got my workout in!

Enjoy the sneek peek “J” family!





I know that TECHNICALLY, summer is over but it sure has been nice enough to feel like summer! I am absolutely LOVING the salmon pink trend in clothing lately – what a gorgeous color for photos!

Here are another couple of kids that I have been photographing since the beginning of time (well their time anyway). We enjoyed a little exploring and twirling in the leaves last week!

Enjoy the sneak peek “H” family!

P.S. Tell “G” he has officially been blogged 🙂





Sep 29, 2015

I got my baby fix this last week! Precious baby “B” is here and she’s absolutely adorable!

I just love it when I can get outside for newborn photos! When I saw mom’s color choices I immediately knew I was going to love the photos! We were even able to sneak in a few photos of “B’s” big brothers!

Enjoy the sneak peek “H” family! Lots more to come!






Sep 18, 2015

I have been photographing little Miss “B” almost every year her entire life …. and every year she delights me with how fun and easy she is to photograph! This year was no exception! She magically poses herself and is the most cooperative model. I just love this girl! This year was a special treat because of the toothless grin and knobby knees!

Enjoy your sneak peek “R” family!






Aug 27, 2015

I have known this handsome guy’s mother since we were kids. In fact, we are pretty much family – in a distant, not-by-blood sorta way! Our lives have stayed connected over the years as we attended college together and as our kids have gone to school together. She’s very dear to my heart and I always enjoy our time together! When she asked me to take her oldest son’s senior portraits I was thrilled because I just knew we were going to have a good time! And a good time we certainly did have! We hopped in the truck (driven by our 2016 grad) and just flew (and sometimes drifted – as I learned it’s called) down back roads, stopping wherever we felt like stopping. We covered a lot of ground – snapping photos as we went! We shot until there was no light left to shoot and I was left with a belly ache from laughing so hard! I’m not sure it even qualified as “work?”

Enjoy the sneak peek “K” family!








We had a very narrow window of opportunity to make this extended family session happen and WE DID IT!

When family travels to be together I think the last thing on most people’s mind is having photos taken – but why not take advantage of that time together to capture a few photos that will last a lifetime!? The day after I shot these photos I attended a family reunion. Guess what everyone enjoyed the most (besides the good food)? THE PHOTOS! We all gathered around picnic tables and flipped through old photo albums and reminisced about old times, laughed at silly hair and fashion choices … and remembered those who are no longer with us. It was a beautiful reminder that family photos are important!

Thank you “K” for asking me to photograph your family while they were here! I know you and your family will enjoy looking back on these photos for years to come!

Enjoy your sneak peek!






Jun 29, 2015

One year olds are so much fun to photograph! Sure they may get fussy at times and they may be more interested in exploring than sitting still and smiling …. but those rare moments you do capture are priceless!

I definitely have a new handful of favorites out of this session! Baby “R” you are adorable!

Thanks “N” family for inviting me out to record another milestone in your lives! I love working with you always!

Enjoy the sneak peek!